I am highly experienced in supporting groups to understand their past and present, and from this develop an achievable strategic direction.  It’s often difficult to see the wood for the trees – why do you do what you do, and what should the future hold? I can help you with: 

  • Constructive sessions to agree your purpose
  • Developing meaningful objectives 
  • Critically assessing your role in the marketplace
  • Appreciative enquiry to inform the future
  • Creating succinct and deliverable strategic plans
  • Securing board, staff and volunteer buy-in
  • Supporting change management and transition

David is the consultant of choice for our board. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and the support provided by David was second to none. By working with David on our strategic plan we were able to work through these obstacles; with his support we felt inspired to think out of the box, to take calculated risks and try different methods to reach our end goal.

 White House Cancer Support is now in a much stronger position today due to the support given by David.”

 Caroline Webb, Manager, White House Cancer Support

Example: White House Cancer Support

Provides practical help, emotional support and information to people with cancer, their families, friends and carers. Acknowledging the rapidly changing political and economic climate, the White House knew it needed a plan to ensure that its services would continue. With a dedicated but small team, there was no time to think about the future. 

I worked closely with the Manager and trustees to understand the historical successes and the ambition for the future; providing a supportive ‘critical friend’ approach throughout to check and challenge and shape the forward thinking. 

As a result an achievable Strategic Plan was developed that balanced current financial pressures against an aspiration for growth. They now have a series of strategic objectives and a deliverable plan. The trustees and staff also have increased confidence, and are better able to allocate resources to drive the organisation forward. 

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“I met David when he was a consultant for the Age UK network so when I embarked on developing our strategy he was the natural go to person.

  David’s knowledge of the sector, and particularly the Age UK network, meant he understood our operating environment.  

Throughout the process David was supportive and encouraging, he provided very open, honest and constructive feedback which challenged my thinking and helped me shape our strategy.”

Sophie Littlewood, Chief Executive, Age UK Devon

Example: Age UK Devon

As a large independent charity working with and for people in later life, Age UK Devon faced several challenges. To guide the forward direction and to help allocate resources in the most suitable projects, a comprehensive strategic plan was being developed.

The Chief Executive brought me in to provide a critical friend role, and we worked through an iterative process that kept her time requirements to a minimum. In particular I supported the linkages between the strategic plan and the operational business plan and also staff appraisals – ensuring that all areas of the charity were fully aligned with the overall strategic direction.

The result was a new organisation-wide approach that guaranteed full adherence to the strategic objectives at all levels. Staff held an improved understanding of how their services supported strategy, trustees held a greater appreciation of how corporate objectives filtered down to service level actions, and the Chief Executive had more time to develop new income generating opportunities.

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