I am skilled in evidencing outcomes and performance at a project and programme level. It is becoming increasingly important to prove what you do, especially when seeking continuation funding, or evidencing the value of your services to stakeholders. I can help you with: 

  • Project evaluation; local to national delivery, small-scale to £multi-million
  • Developing usable social impact frameworks
  • Creating the tools and systems for information gathering
  • Mentoring the team to increase data collection
  • Effective stakeholder engagement 
  • Economic appraisals
  • Advice on what funders/ commissioners require 

“David understood what we wanted from the outset, working closely with us to develop a practical evaluation that met our needs. He was easy to work with, engaged well with our service users and volunteers alike, and he met our deadline for the work. 

As a result of working with David we are able to continue delivering our free support services to Carers for a further four years.”

Jane Harding, Chief Executive Officer, NSCA

Example: North Staffs Carers Association

North Staffs Carers has been successfully supporting carers for almost 30 years. Its Big Lottery funded  Seasons of Care project supported carers through transition into, during, and after the caring role.

With project funding coming to an end, they required a robust evaluation to demonstrate the project’s performance and to act as an evidence base for further funding. I worked with the full team to define the true value that it created, and supplemented this with service user, staff and volunteer focus groups.

The support enabled them to understand the full impact of the project, and also set in place some delivery changes to better meet local need. The evaluation was well received by Big Lottery and as a result they received continuation funding of over £410,000. They aim to help over 2,500 local carers through the continued project to have a life of their own.

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“David proved to be an excellent appointment. 

He provided excellent support and advice and made evaluation so much easier for us. It would have been impossible to carry out all of this ourselves. His expertise was very reassuring and he worked well with tight time constraints. 

I would definitely work with David again.”

 Nêst Thomas, Principal Officer, Gwynedd Council

Example: Gwynedd Council

As part of its HLF funded £3 million Storiel gallery scheme, the Council required a three-year evaluation to set in place the ongoing monitoring systems required, to mentor staff and volunteers in data collection, and to develop robust evaluation reports.  

I worked with the various members of the team to establish a deliverable measurement framework for both the capital works and activities programme. This included developing the data capture tools, supporting staff/ volunteers to engage visitors, and in ensuring information was being collected fully.

The Final Report was completed in early 2018, and enabled senior Council personnel to see the impact of the project including that approximately £4.74 million may have been created for the local economy and 88% of visitors ‘learnt something new’. The approach and tools also provide a long-term legacy, and are being used by the Council on this and wider projects.

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