Organisational Excellence

I am skilled in working with organisations to help them to be truly fit-for-purpose and become best placed to respond to opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all model, and in these uncertain times we need all the assistance we can get.  I can help you with: 

  • Service reviews
  • Theory of Change development (and Logic Models)
  • Organisational strengths reviews and diagnostics
  • Service user involvement
  • Strengthening partnership working
  • Marketplace assessments
  • Identifying and influencing decision makers
  • Mentoring and ongoing ad-hoc support 

“As always, David was great to work with. David was able to conduct a health check of the charity that gave us the essential insight into what needs to change for us to go forward and grow. 

As a critical friend he has given us an action plan to work on over the next twelve months to give us a better position in the market sector. His responsive and insightful approach means that we will continue to work with him in the future.”

CEO, Age UK Dudley

Example: Age UK Dudley

As one of the West Midlands leading older person’s support organisations, Age UK Dudley faced increasing demand for its services alongside reducing funding levels. Following significant change and internal restructuring, it needed to understand its opportunities and barriers, to understand how these various factors impacted upon its ability to deliver a strong and reliable future – what were the prospects to build on, and what was holding it back?

I developed a template covering 11 areas of operational development and then held several meetings at all levels of the organisation; from corporate team to volunteers. I produced a report that concluded with a list of 46 individual actions and associated recommendations.

The report provided a structured plan for the team to work on, to help address negatives and build on opportunities. The result is a more unified, informed and confident approach to the future. In addition Age UK Dudley was able to evidence the changes made and was successful in securing the Age UK Charity Quality Standard.

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“David was brought in at short notice and quickly understood our needs and that as existing capacity was limited, he would be responsible for day-to-day operations. 

His approach was excellent, providing assurance to the Lottery, building confidence amongst our partners, and while keeping the plates spinning. 

He was flexible and responsive at all times, and we look forward to working with him again.”

 Director, Black Country Together

Example: Black Country Together

BCT was founded by the four Black Country CVSs, and successfully secured £3.4 million of Building Better Opportunities funding to launch a three-year programme, aiming to build the skills and confidence of help local people to get into work.

I was brought in to ensure that the organisation was operating as it needed to be; from initial funding award through to implementation. The approach included a variety of support; liaising with funders, developing policies and procedures, expanding the social media presence, co-ordinating a full recruitment process for three senior staff posts, as well as being the primary point of contact for 19 local partners to assist them gear up for delivery.

My support enabled the directors to focus on forward strategic development, while the programme’s momentum was maintained. At eventual handover the new staff team were able to plan for a launch with confidence whilst building on the local buzz that I had created.

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“David worked flexibly with us in order to meet deadlines and having the patience to handle any amendments wherever needed, with a great attitude towards people no matter what their background is. 

It has enabled us to think outside of the box to begin planning new projects that will help with sustainability of our organisation.”

 Chief Executive, The Highlife Centre

Example: Highlife Centre

Delivers targeted support services aimed at removing barriers to work, enabling its beneficiaries to lead economically active and fulfilling lives, with a key speciality in supporting BME and migrant communities.

During a time of change, the Centre needed to build its capability by increasing knowledge and confidence to deliver more effective and financially sustainable services. I worked with the team to review the current situation and assess the achievability of their future plans. This included appraising key areas of organisational excellence, with recommendations and a clear action plan.

The report has enabled The Highlife Centre to prioritise its resources to focus on the areas of organisational development that will have the greatest benefit for the future of the charity, focusing on evidencing value and income diversification.

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