Business Planning

Having written over 100 business plans, I specialise in writing clear and deliverable reports that focus on evidencing financial sustainability with clear forward actions that can be achieved. I can help you with: 

  • Concept development and visioning
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Marketplace research and best practice
  • Competitor analysis and differentiation
  • Legal and governance implications
  • Financial analysis and revenue projections
  • Securing board support and organisational buy-in

“David was a key part of our project team, providing invaluable support and developing a high quality document proving project viability.

He developed effective relationships with all involved in the project, gaining trust and providing professional advice with discretion on sensitive matters.”

Laura Stanley, Principal Project Manager, Warrington Borough Council

Example: Warrington Borough Council

The Council was developing its HLF round 2 submission for its £3.8 million Walton Conservatory Estate project, and required a business plan to support a £2 million application. The project involved two community-based partners, and the business case was complex and involved several areas of potential conflict.

I worked between the three organisations to understand their roles in delivery, and where their core requirements and potential compromises existed. Wider research complemented this insight, alongside ongoing liaison with the full capital, revenue, and activity based teams. From this I developed a deliverable business model for the project that secured the buy-in from all parties.

My support demonstrated that in austere times there are opportunities to work with the third sector to create lasting social value. The scheme was successful and awarded the full funding in April 2017.

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“David met us, out of office hours and at our business premises, he took his time getting to know us and what we wanted to achieve. His patience, understanding and enthusiasm was such an enormous help to us and he gave us the confidence to put our dream in action. 

All of the directors were impressed at the amount of research David had carried out into our area of interest. His attention to detail is superb and we were absolutely thrilled at the end result. TyNi has no hesitation in highly recommending this very talented professional.”

Carys Jones, Director, TyNi North Wales

Example: TyNi North Wales

As a start-up social enterprise, TyNi seeks to provide a homely, supportive and nurturing environment for 16 to 18 year olds in crisis that provides boundaries and structure. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging independent living skills and goal setting, leading to training and ultimately increasing employability.

The directors knew a business plan was required, especially to influence stakeholders and draw support, but had limited experience and time with which to develop the document. I initially met on-site to understand the current situation and the plans for the future, and we then focused on defining the operational delivery model and the implications for those involved. A detailed three-year revenue cashflow forecast was also included to evidence viability.         

As a result of the business plan and the wider skills development, TyNi is currently in discussion with Conwy Council regarding the contractual delivery of accommodation support to vulnerable young people.

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