Impact Management

I am highly skilled in helping groups to understand, evidence and manage the social value and wider impact they create. This is increasingly required when tendering and fundraising, and can be difficult and time-consuming to start and sustain. I can help you with: 

  • Tailored social impact frameworks
  • Advice on outcomes measurement tools
  • Creation of usable data collection tools
  • User/ stakeholder engagement to define ‘value’
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) reports
  • Supporting a move from outputs to outcomes
  • Considering benefits for tender/ grant writing

“We found David very easy to work with, his expertise, insight and knowledge of the sector has really helped us to revise our objectives and outcomes. 

With his help we now have a much more clearly focused plan for the future that combines strategy with maximum social impact.”

Suzanne Knipe, CEO, Norton Hall Family Centre

Example: Norton Hall Children & Family Centre

An inclusive organisation that for over 40 years has been supporting children and young people, and in particular women, to improve the health, social and financial well-being of families in their local community.

While it has had immense successes and is well regarded by local people, there was little evidence available to showcase the full value of what it delivered. I worked across the full team to develop an organisation-wide impact management framework. This involved an evidence-led narrative flowing from the organisation’s strategic objectives, through local outcomes, to quantifiable outputs with associated indicators. Included the creation of full data gathering tools and systems, and integration with their existing software.         

A key outcome was using the data gained through the framework to produce Norton Hall’s first ever Social Impact Report, published at its AGM in December 2016, which was well received by all attendees. 

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“Working with David was of real tangible benefit to us. 

Not only was he able to help identify areas of best practice we could draw from, but his measured, pragmatic and analytical approach supported and challenged us to develop tools which can grow with us in the next phase of the charity’s advancement.”

Bob Christer, Director, Pedestrian

Example: Pedestrian

Pedestrian provides education and training to young people at risk and vulnerable adults; individuals whom are often socially excluded and from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although highly successful, there was a lack of evidence around the charity’s impact and data was required to prove the full value of its delivery to trustees, staff, and wider stakeholders such as public sector commissioners and funders.        

I worked alongside the senior team and stakeholders to define the core outcomes achieved. From this a series of data capture tools were developed, and a robust yet easy-to-use framework created to collate and analyse the data. 

Data collection through the new system went smoothly, with users happy to complete the short surveys. Initial analysis within the framework showed a much deeper level of positive social impact than expected, and as a result they are now able to prioritise delivery to focus on the support that has the greatest impact.  

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